to engage learners in online training

Learning has moved from a nice to have to an essential business asset. Learning is on the agenda of top management since it is a key performance indicator of a company. All nice, but what do the participants of a training think of the training? Learner motivation and learner engagement is a key element of success. So how can we better engage our learners in online training?

If there would be one single trick that would motivate users, then the function of e-learning manager would be easy. Reality is different. Who are your target participants? What motivates them? What demotivates them? Knowing who you develop an online training for, is step number one.

Among the many ways to motivate users are elements like:

  • Accurate and timely information: tell the participants what the objective of the training is, what you expect from them.
  • Set objectives. They have to SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Include the managers or teachers in the program, they can motivate the team members and provide valuable feedback.
  • Make the training relevant. If the training is for various target groups within the company or school, then consider developing various versions of the same training.
  • Customization of training programs can make them more relevant and specific for groups and individuals. Adaptive learning is an approach you may consider. Never present the same training again and again for many consecutive years.
  • Gamify your online training. See our section on HOW to gamify your training for some insight on how game elements can engage users. Will learners return to the online training as often as they return to Candy Crush or World of Warcraft?

Online learning has been used for many years. What are your experiences with learner engagement in online training programs?

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