to implement question based learning

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Question based learning is the development of knowledge, awareness and attitude by asking questions. Answering questions forces the student to actively think about the learning material. The level of active processing of the learning material depends on the question type and the didactic quality of the question. Open ended questions require a more active participation than multiple choice questions. An experienced instructional designer will make a difference here.

Neuro-scientific research has shown that the learning effect is increased if a student answers questions right after having watched a video or e-learning module, after reading an article or listening to a trainer. If the learning material that has been watched, read or listened to is not actively worked, people forget up to 80% of what they saw, read or heard within just one week.

Actively assessing helps to anchor knowledge. Assessment based learning looks like a traditional test. However, tests give a random indication of proficiency at the moment that the test was taken. It can point out knowledge gaps, but does not develop the gaps that are identified. Assessment based learning measures and develops at the same time. The purpose is to learn, not to test. Modern technology enables us to give immediate and personalized feedback on correct and incorrect answers This reinforces the learning effect. The student is not only learning facts, but also understands why certain information is correct or incorrect.

Question based learning also responds to several tendencies in today's society. The current generation has a somewhat limited attention span. Passively watching, reading or listening has become increasingly difficult. Actively working on learning material by answering questions, appeal to more people. Adding elements of the gaming industry (gamification) will engage, challenge and motivate learners. They will experience learning as a game. Assessment based learning has all ingredients to gamify your training program.

So is assessment based learning a hype or just a useful learning methodology? Both corporate organizations, training institutes and schools have built up experience with this type of learning. The success of assessment based training depends on the way in which the training is positioned and the quality of the questions, answers and feedback. And that is of course valid for any training program.

Learn the key points of this article

Learn the key points of this article

This drill teaches you the basics of assessment based learning. In fact, that is just what this drill does: it helps you learn by asking you questions.

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